How to save money on wedding bartending?

Do you think a wedding can’t be amazing as well as affordable?

It is true that planning an in-budget wedding shrinks the big picture, but with small ways to save money, you can manage to have unforgettable celebrations. The best thing about this article is that it is not asking you to sacrifice ‘’signature drink serving’’. Here are some tips to save money on bartending.

  • Shorter bartending shift:

Trim your bartending hours by arranging a suitable timeline for bartending. This will surely cut off a sufficient amount of your budget.

  • Create simple bar menu:

Of course, complicated drinks take more time and also may require extra bartenders depending upon the size of your wedding party. To reduce the need for additional staff it is preferred to offer batch cocktails or you can simply serve wine or beer.

  • Go with signature drink:

By discussing with the bartender you can ask them to create your vision for the drinks. You can serve custom made cocktail like a classic libation or punch instead of arranging a full bar.

  • Minimize concierge and rental services:

Try to find reasonable deals on alcohol and rental items. Try to convert a table at the venue into a temporary bar and you can also go with a deal on martini glass or wine glass rentals.

  • Allow tip jar:

To reduce high hourly rates of bartenders allow tip jars as it is a good way to account for the loss of income.

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