Everyone loves the natural beauty of the flowers; It is why they seem like an obvious gift for everyone and every occasion. From birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, congratulations, best wishes, sympathy, and even funeral events flowers convey and express our feelings and sentiments to our loved ones. But with all their beauty, fragrance, and elegance there is a disadvantage also associated with flower gift. They get dry, lose their gorgeous appearance and finally, we have to throw them in the trash bin.

Well, wooden flowers have solved our problem and these wooden bouquets are much better alternatives for real flowers because these are durable. Wooden bouquets are made of Tapioca plant. It is a kind of plant that is durable and eco-friendly too. These are far better than faux and other artificial flowers. Wooden flower bouquets look original and they can be scented as per the requirement.

Wooden flower bouquet as a perfect gift:

Wooden flower bouquets are versatile and can literally be sent for almost every occasion. Some reasons to choose wooden flower bouquets to pamper your friend or loved one are:

·        Everlasting:

A wooden flower bouquet is a gift that you don’t have to throw away because they are everlasting. There are no big requirements to take care of these flowers. Simply need a bit of light dusting and direct contact with bright sunlight to preserve colors.

·        Eco-friendly:

Tapioca plant grows so quickly and considered a renewable resource. These are eco-friendly and cause no danger to our environment.

·        Allergy friendly:

Original flower scents and pollens can be the causes of allergy, but wooden flower bouquets are allergy-friendly and that is why they are the ultimate choice for recipients with pollen allergies.

·        Diverse:

Wooden bouquets are available with hundreds of options that remain available throughout the year. You can select any flower of your choice in any season and that’s a big plus point for wooden bouquets.

·        Versatile:

This material is originally available in ivory/cream color. But don’t worry at all. These flowers can take on colors from paints, dye, etc. This quality fits wooden flowers into any color theme and palette. Any flower with any color or rainbow carnation??? With wood flowers, it’s not impossible.

·        Budget-friendly:

Maybe you consider the cost of wooden bouquets to be compared with real flowers but think once again. These flower bouquets can be an everlasting gift with its vibrant colors and no-wilting abilities. Above all, there is no price of emotions and a wooden flower bouquet is an eternal gift just as your emotions.


We care for your feeling that is why woodflowers.com provides you the beauty you love, in any color you want forever. Woodflowers.com deals in all kinds and varieties of Wooden wedding flowers perfect for all occasions with custom colors, durability, and flexibility. Our experienced floral artist’s design every flower with dedication and these handcrafted wooden flower bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages have the natural beauty of original flowers that last with you for a very long time.

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