ADONIS IVF Fertility

IVF procedure is the unique technology that significantly increases the chances to conceive. It is particularly relevant for those people who have serious fertility problems but don’t give up on their route toward a happy parenthood.

ADONIS Fertility International is a place with long-time experience and thousands successful treatment cases – we help people from the whole world choose the best variant individually for everyone, because this approach is producing amazing results.

IVF Fertility treatment 

IVF procedure involves the process of egg fertilization by the sperm outside the woman’s organism, under laboratory conditions using the latest technological equipment.

The IVF procedure is quite complex and valuable. It consists of several stages which must be carefully controlled by the professional.

ADONIS’ own embryo laboratory is staffed with the whole range of required capacity to provide 100% accuracy and safety at the most important moment.

IVF procedure is carried out with the help of the newest Microscope with micromanipulator which helps our specialists to join the genetic material together. The highest level precision excludes the possibility of cells’ damage – we create the best quality embryos for their further development and successful carrying.

IVF procedure can be used in different variations – as the part of complex Infertility treatment (Surrogacy treatment, for example), or IVF procedure alone (with the further embryo transfer into the uterine cavity of the mother).

ADONIS IVF Fertility in Ukraine

ADONIS Fertility International is the worldwide known medical establishment which provides the high level medical services in Ukraine, Kyiv.

Qualitative service of a personal coordinator will help to clarify all aspects, get know the information about the treatment start, processes, required documentation and many other essential things. It is especially useful for our foreign patients who come to Ukraine for the first time.

IVF Infertility treatment is totally legal and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, ADONIS clinics have all certificates and permissions to carry out such types of medical help in the sphere of Reproductive health.

Ukrainian legislation is stable (long-term successful cooperation with ADONIS is the best confirmation), so our patient is ensured with total safety. Moreover, ADONIS’ own Legal Department is always at your service.

We cannot but mention the Ukrainian genetic code which is well known for beauty, intelligence and quick-thinking. If needed genetic material donor – ADONIS own Donor database will help to choose the best variant from the range of totally healthy candidates – ADONIS specially trained department is responsible for the careful selection, examination, interviewing of the candidates before they are included into our database.

Our perfect service and treatment effectiveness is the best rate. Thousands of satisfied patients from the whole world are already happy parents after ADONIS Fertility treatment. Now it’s your turn, come to ADONIS clinics or sign up for a consultation with the help of our website.

ADONIS Fertility clinics – the worldwide knowledge for the happiness of the families.

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