The Perfect 30 Pax Wedding Package

People from all over the globe are now preferring smaller weddings. The logistics are better, and the funding makes better sense. As opposed to bigger weddings with hundreds of guests, a small 30 pax wedding is well managed, and everything is well accounted for. No gate crushers, no disasters, and no thefts. And even better yet, you can easily have the wedding of your dreams overseas and have the important people in your life attend.

In the 30 pax wedding package in Indonesia Bali by The Seven Agency to be discussed in this piece, you will see the benefit of having a private ceremony. So, read on.

The venue, before, and during the ceremony

The couple will exchange their vows on a cliff and choose to have the reception either at the same place or at the Hotel Le Grande. Before the ceremony, the couple is provided with a preparation room, a make-up artist, and a hairstylist for the bride and her team. Additionally, the couple gets a pre-wedding meeting and are provided with transport to and fro the said venues.

During the ceremony, an English-speaking celebrant commemorates the session as the photographers provided as part of the package documents the service as soft music of the couple’s choice playing in the background.

The venues Decorations

The place where the two become one will be embellished by a flower-decorated arch decor fit for royalty. The flowers are locally found and are delicately placed on the white ivory fabric wrapped around the arch. The aisle is made of a path of flower petals, there are hanging flowers all over the venue, and an equally adorned alter. The whole set up is designed to the couple’s tastes, and they are all provided with bouquets as well. The venue is also highlighted by a welcoming board with the bride’s and the groom’s picture. And during the photo session, the guests are provided with props to use for the photo session.

The reception

Included in the package is a three-course set food menu that your guests partake. The setting is on long rectangular tables that all guests fit and sit comfortably on. You also have the freedom to choose either a trio-band or a fire dance to entertain your guests. And to top it all off, you get a two-tier cake decorated with real flowers that will fit all your guests.

The tables are enhanced with stunning centerpieces, and the reception, just like the ceremony, is well decorated with lights, flowers, and white paper lanterns.

Finally, you get to go home alongside your wife or husband and a memory certificate. In addition to that, you go back with pictures and videos of your wedding ceremony. And you get all these services and products at a fee of $6299 only — no need to worry as all taxes and organizers fees are included in this fee.


This package covers all the bases in the making of a beautiful wedding ceremony. All your guests will be catered for, and most importantly, the newlyweds will get to say hi to most, if not all, of them. A 30 guestlist is by far one functional one.

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