Are you looking for a beautiful gold chain for men, 9 or 18 carats, for yourself or to make a gift? In order to be assured of buying a certified and quality product, turn to jewelry professionals. They will advise you about all criteria to take into account to choose the gold chain you need: the type of gold chains to choose, the size of the links, the choice of the number of carats, the style of the chain, its length etc.


Pink gold, white gold 375 or 750 or yellow gold 375 or 750 carats, the choice of metal and its gold content is wide. Know that the 18-carat gold, or 750/1000, is composed of an alloy containing 75% of gold, or 18 parts of pure gold out of 24. A punch with an eagle head guarantees the titration of the chain, necklaces, rings or earrings. The more pure the gold in your chain, the higher its price is likely to be. In general, in jewelry, you will find 375 (9 carat) or 750 (18 carat) gold chains. Solid gold jewelry is not commercially available: pure gold is far too ductile.

It is therefore possible to offer or be offered jewelry in 9 carat gold, 375/10000, corresponding to 37.5% gold in the alloy. The punch is then a three leaf clover. If the visual appearance of the product is similar, the purity of gold is inevitably quite different. Indeed, a professional will explain that noble gold is the reference of French jewelry. 18-carat jewelry is guaranteed to be passed down from generation to generation, but it’s true that 375 white or yellow gold chains are cheaper than other items.


To purchase quality jewelry such as a gold chain, trust a jeweler recognized and active for a long time. With his know-how, this professional will guide you to purchase your gold chain.

A purchase from a professional is also the insurance to own a chain with its certificate of authenticity and to be able to count on a guarantee without flaws. You will appreciate the authenticity of the universe of the jewelry, the small case delivered with your jewelry and the advices during your purchase. The purchase of this type of products, that it is for a gift or a present to offer, must be perfectly successful.

You will find quality gold chains for women, men and children on the websites of major brands located on the street. In this case, check the return conditions, in case the chain is not suitable. Many designers also offer their jewelry online. You can also go to the store, on site. You can try the gold chain for women you like.

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