Why do you need to say yes to Moissanite ring?

Are you expecting that your extraordinary someone is going to get down his knees very soon?

Hmm, so it is the time to start thinking about the ring.

I was thinking about the same traditional rule of a simple diamond ring that is the representative of a person’s genuine inner emotions with its immense symbolism of love and care involved in. But the high price of the diamond and some other unsavory parts of the diamond ring may be provoking you to know about another option.

Moissanite rings is the answer to your question.

Moissanite is the gemstone that is cruelty-free, and it is handcrafted to be top quality. This sparkly and clear gemstone remarkably looks like a diamond, and basically, this mineral was the part of the meteor crater. Now all the moissanite gemstones available are lab-made that have a slight color than diamond.

Diamonds are the result of the coal and other minerals compression under the earth for an extended period. This long term process makes the diamond rare and gives it brilliant sparkle and fire. When the light hits the diamond, it reflects limited colors. While the Moissanoite generates a rainbow sort of effect and this beautiful gemstone stays colorless and transparent for a lifetime. Wearing moissanite rings or moissanite wedding bands is similar to wear diamond rings or diamond wedding bands.

Moissanite is almost equally durable as a diamond, and it is safe to wear every day without any fear of damaging or breaking. It is equally beautiful as a diamond, and its sparkle can surely dazzle anyone who sees it. Usually, moissanite gems show rainbow sparkle, but some 100% colorless moissanite gems are also available. Moissanite gemstones are also available in a vast array of shapes with perfect cuts.

When we compare the differences between diamond and moissanite, we can see it is not a ‘’fake diamond’’ and has its beauty, elegance, and charm in its own right. The reflective index of moissanite gemstone is very high, and it has much greater fire and brilliance than a diamond so, moissanite really sparkles. You buy diamonds with their visible flaws, but moissanite gems are expected to be of supreme quality with VS grade clarity or above. So when you purchase moissanite, you get essential perfection.

Moissanite is equally durable as diamond, more sparkling to diamond, and supreme is perfection than a diamond, but what about the price???

Unbelievably they cost a mere fraction of a traditional diamond. When be compare its benefits with its price, it sounds like a fantastic deal that you buy almost a diamond at the cost of coal. Frankly speaking, though, diamonds are precious. Still, these are actually the reason for the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone how you can relate these Blood Diamonds with love and purity when they are the reason for brutality and cruelty in the world.

Moissanites are also natural, but they are far rare to get from nature that means the moissanite in your ring must be lab-created. Moissanites are the symbol of perfection and sincerity at zero expense of humanity. So be ready to yes to your moissanite.

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