Gay wedding rings: a new trend is born!

A new trade is born and the choice is becoming wider. A recent Tiffany commercial presented a new ring for gay couples, many articles were written on it not without a little of cynicism “a step forward for gay rights or a step forward for the market?”.

This episode not only widened this business segment but also contributed to create a new trend, the gay wedding rings, a far more institutional choice than the engagement ring.

Men generally look for less showy models, not necessarily less precious. Actually, a recent survey on gay weddings, stated that gay couples generally spend on rings 20% more than lesbian couples and 30% more than straight couples: diamonds, rose gold, titanium are the most trendy at the moment. Nowadays, personalization is the key.

Tips for the choice of the wedding rings

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a gay wedding ring is that this is the ring one (hopefully) is going to be wearing for the rest of its life, so, beyond all personal taste, simplicity and comfort has to be two starting points.

Also, consider what is your daily lifestyle and that you have to wear it while working. If you do a manual job, for example, titanium or platinum are perfect.

Go and try on the ring in the evening. If you do it in the morning your fingers can swell during the day, so, in this way you will be sure that the chosen size will be the more comfortable for you finger.

In choosing a gay wedding ring consider your hand: if you have short fingers and a bit stubby, avoid too flat and give priority to the relief. If you have long fingers and big hands, absolutely avoid thin rings and chose a thick one. If you have long and thin hands, you can choose whatever you want!

Things to keep in mind before the wedding day

Make an appointment for the manicure the day before. Everybody will want to see your ring so it’s important to have cured hand.

If you were wearing an engagement ring, remember to move it to the right hand and to be sure that the wedding ring will be the only star of the day.

Has the gay wedding ring to be a statement? If you want your union to be also a way to express your pride to be engaged in a gay relationship, you can find many models with gay symbols.

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