3 Great Tips for Choosing a Church Hat

If you’re planning on making a statement and wearing hats to church, it’s important to know the etiquette when it comes to hats in religious establishments. Hats in church have been a tradition for centuries, with women donning the beautiful accessories and matching their outfits almost professionally. However, there are some rules that must be followed in order to wear your hat with pride and avoid dirty looks or diminishing the beauty of an outfit.


Hats are available in various different colors, so it’s best to wear what the seasons call for. In the spring you can go for bright colors and pastels to keep you looking fresh. You might even want to wear some white, giving your outfit a look of freshness and refinement. Avoid colors that clash with your outfit or the environment, such as wearing a bright red hat on a day when baptisms or christenings will take place. They should also never be darker than the color of your shoes, which can give the appearance of energy flowing towards the floor.

No Worn Out Hats

If you love hats and tend to keep a favorite, you may want to upgrade. You can find plenty of church hats for sale online, making it easier to keep your headwear looking spectacular. Toss or donate any hats that become too worn, regardless of what designer created it or how long you have had it. If you notice any strings that seem to come loose, it’s time to replace your hat.

Keep Width Appropriate

The hat that you wear should never exceed the width of your shoulders. There are some exceptions, such as women or men in mourning. If so, then the width can be as long as you desire. However, for church events, you should make sure that your face can be clearly seen as you listen to the gospel and put your devotion towards the church.

If you love hats, be sure to show yours off in church the correct way. Pay attention to the various colors you have to choose from, toss out any hats that have gotten worn down, and be sure to pay attention to the width of your hat. Following these simple rules can allow you to shine in church wearing a beautiful hat and accessorizing it perfectly with your personalized outfit for the church you use to praise and worship.

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