4 Great Ways of Finding the Right Wedding Venue

A wedding venue is likely to be at the top of most newly engaged couple’s lists. The venue determines the success of your wedding, you have to make it right. Similar to viewing new properties, it is easy to be over excited and quickly fall in love with the first venue without even checking other places and comparing the requirements.

The venue you choose might determine your décor, vendors, wedding date, and guests to invite. Whether or not you have a dream venue in your mind, the following are helpful ways to guide you through the process:

1.      Check the Location

Be sure to review the venue’s location keenly since it might easily put your visitors off from

attending your wedding ceremony. If your wedding reception and ceremony are to be hosted at two different locations, ensure they are near each other. If the two locations are a hefty distance apart, this might make things difficult for your guests.

Always think about the venue’s accessibility. If many visitors are coming from afar, consider venues close to an airport and easily accessible by road.

2.      See the Real Pictures of the Place

Online search engines have made checking out venues more convenient for most individuals, though there is a need for caution when you choose to make decisions based on the pictures. Of course, venues will take photos, making the space look great, but staging might make almost

every location look amazing.

At times, reality doesn’t match the fantasy, which has been established carefully. Unless you have seen it personally, you have to see real pictures of the venue. Photography blogs and planners might be a great resource for checking out real-life pictures of the venue.

3.      Compare Service Packages

A wedding venue in Dallas, TX, provides catering services, tables, linens, chairs, glassware, and

flatware. Many included rentals are basic pieces, such as white lines and banquet chairs.

When you choose a full-service wedding venue, you should expect the price to be around 51% of your budget. If you also need Chiavari chairs, gold flatware, or velvet linens, be sure to include the costs in your rental expenses.

4.      Consider the Capacity

It is important to figure out how many guests you should invite before choosing a venue. For safety purposes, an event space should limit the total number of visitors it can host. Ensure you determine the capacity when you are choosing a wedding reception and ceremony venue.

At times, celebrating your great day gets priority over a big guest list, and this might be an

excellent gift to your plans. Rather than agonizing over how many individuals you need to invite, the venue’s capacity will determine the number of guests.

Choosing a perfect venue is the biggest decision you will ever make during the planning process. Other than considering your budget, there are many factors you must prioritize. This may include services, capacity, and location, just to name a few. Therefore, before booking any venue, ensure you ask the right questions and take a tour of the property.

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