Top Designs for Bridesmaid Robes

On the wedding day, the bride spends a lot of time getting ready with their maid of honor and bridesmaids. What better way to prepare with the girls than by wearing adorable bridesmaid garbs? Not only will these things make the perfect gift for the girls, but they are the best possible option to make sure that the parties involved will not have makeup and hair problems.

Plus, these things will make for playful and cute photos that the bride and her girls can post on their social media platforms. Everyone loves that. What is even better? Their bridesmaids can reuse these garbs even after the wedding preparation is over. They are gifts that keep on giving. Whether individuals are looking for where to purchase their bridesmaid garbs or what style to pick, they have come to the right place.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right bridesmaid garb. There is a good chance that brides are wondering what fabric, color, or style to choose from and which are the best possible choices. From lace trims to floral patterns, here are some of the best options to choose from.

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Long floral

Suppose you worry about the garbs showing too much, especially when photographers catch your every move. In that case, you can stay covered and cute by choosing adorable floral garbs. With a length of four inches longer compared to the industry standard, these things will leave the girls feeling confident and relaxed. So, even if users are caught off guard, they will always be photo ready. Plus, the comfortable and smooth fabric comes in ten different colors people can choose from.


Take it from experts – lace robes are considered the answer to all of the bride’s getting-ready needs. They can grab beautiful white garb for them and some bright and fun colors for their bridesmaids. They can choose from options like sage, evergreen, burgundy, and blush. Even better, the gorgeous style is offered in both standard and plus sizes.

Ruffled monogrammed

These incredibly cute, soft pink dresses will be perfect for the wedding day. This robe is complete with skirts and ruffled sleeves. It is best as an adorable pre-wedding dress. These satin dresses include initials, so each of the bridesmaids will feel more special when the bride gifts them to them.

Soft satin

People should keep it pretty simple with a stunning stained dress. With plus and standard size options, people will feel comfortable and confident. They can choose from beautiful colors like champagne, blush, and dusty blue.

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Satin lace

If you want to keep it classy, satin lace robes are the best option for the bride and her bridesmaids. These garbs are worth it, as the group will feel additional pampered as they get ready for the wedding day. As a bonus, these clothes include names. The personalization will make the wearer feel like a very important person.

Cotton lace

If cotton is the bride’s choice of material, then cotton lace is the best option for her. Cotton with lace is pretty adorable. It is available in blush, white, nude, and icy blue. There are perfect colors for the bride and her friends. These clothes are also offered in the plus size option.

Classy robe bundle

When looking to buy a set of six or more, this option is the perfect one for you. These classy clothes come in various neutral colors and look pretty fantastic in pictures. And the lace trim can add a beautiful touch. Girls will fall in love with these robes, guaranteed.

Tricks and tips for bridesmaid robes

Now that you have found the best bridesmaid clothes for your friends, here is some advice when it comes to this special gift.

Who purchase the robes?

In most instances, the bride buys these clothes for her wedding. It acts as a simple “thank you” gift from her to the bridesmaids for being in the event. Plus, a bridesmaid robe usually acts as a photo opportunity, so brides love to pick out the look and style to fit with the theme. So, unless it is agreed upon beforehand, bridesmaids shouldn’t be expected to purchase their own garbs. With the expenses these girls already have, it would be pretty unfair to make them purchase this extra clothing.

When to give these clothes

While there’s no definitive timeline people should follow when gifting this type of clothes, experts would love to provide brides with some ideas. If they are planning on a proposal, it would be best to incorporate the clothes in with a gift box. They could present it at their rehearsal dinner if they want to surprise their friends closer to the wedding day.

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