Wedding photography secrets

“Wedding photography is a love affair between the couple and their body language.”

A wedding photographer not only knows the art of creating beautifully composed images, but they also know the art of stealing emotions and connections of a powerful wedding story. There are so many traditional moments and recommended situations to be shot on a wedding day. But a true wedding photographer finds the unplanned and meaningful moments that are not mentioned on the pre-designed photo checklist.

A wedding photographer is a wizard who sees the magic in usual moments that are simply overlooked. Capturing these unique and organic moments is the art of a real photographer. Lorenzo Sandoval is a well-known for his Las Vegas wedding photography. He takes photos to help couples remember what the moment was all about – and assures them to preserve feelings enclosed in those moments.

Lorenzo Sandoval

To find and capture the images, those actually keep a wedding story fresh and dynamic. Here are some photography secrets that Lorenzo follows:

Prepare for the unprepared situations:

Before shooting a wedding event, it is required to think through choices like lighting, lenses, gear, and equipment. Being prepared for expected and unexpected scenarios provides the freedom to capture the real vibes of a wedding.

Build a client-photographer relationship:

Photographer knows their strength and weaknesses, so they should assess whether a couple is the right match of their photography style or not. Asking questions to know the exact demand of a client couple makes a photographer consider the harmony between their photography and the client couple’s expectations.

Background contributes a lot:

A dynamic image can be simply ruined by capturing a wrong angle having a random object or person in the background. A perfect photo is not about focusing on the subject only – it is about the focus on the entire frame. The background behind the subject must have to enhance the importance of the subject.

Composition can be a little tricky:

A low image of a great moment is the same thing as no image at all. Photographer has to work on both basics to get the expected results. Focusing and recomposing are vital factors to keep in mind while capturing photos.

Wait, watch, and click to capture:

Moments that hold the authentic feel of the entire wedding ceremony are not defined. Photographer has to be thoughtful and attentive to identify those glimpses of smiles, tears, laughter, and emotions. The main event doesn’t need to hold the essence of the wedding. There are so many small and casual moments that help a far better way to tell the story of love and romance.

Challenging own skills:

A wedding photographer challenges their own self to judge his/her capability to capture maximum emotions and unique moments in a single frame. This is the best way to narrate more complex stories in a single photo.

Special moments also hold a few not so special heart-wrenching elements that have the power to make a wedding story even more impressive – just like capturing tears in the bride’s mother’s eyes while the couple is having their first kiss.


Lorenzo Sandoval knows the art of stealing all the magical moments of the wedding day. He captures them on his camera with extreme care to make them everlasting for you.

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