Wedding Photography Styles Every Couple Should Know

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important and beautiful events in anyone’s life. It is so pleasing to save these lovely memories for the decades to come. The easiest method to reawaken the memories is to go through all of your beautiful wedding pictures.

Before choosing your wedding photographer for Sioux City Weddings, it is good to conduct some research. It’s critical to become familiar with various wedding photography techniques. There are several sorts and possibilities to pick from, and the process will be enjoyable for you. You can visit here to know more about Sioux City Weddings.

Various photographic techniques may be used at weddings, but wedding photography techniques mainly depend on the couple’s choice. Some couples are free-spirited and open to new experiences, while others are precise and instructive.

A photographer must be well-prepared about all wedding styles. Whether you’re on a budget or seeking to spend, your wedding photos will be one of the few tangible souvenirs from your big day, and you want them to be amazing!

Let’s figure out which one will work best for you and your wedding theme:

1.     Contemporary Wedding Photography:

A wedding day seldom goes according to plan. It’s just a wish that never becomes a reality (in most situations). So you and your photographer must be able to roll with the unexpected and a few touchy and emotional moments. It is what provokes a creative shooting style for creative photography.

There are some set norms for contemporary wedding photography because the photographer looks for interesting lighting and angles. In addition to it, a photographer looks at things more about their vision and aesthetic position. Many photographers merge their contemporary style of photography with a touch of elopement and make it even more enjoyable.

2.     Documentary Style Wedding Photography:

The objective of documentary photography is to convey the beauty of your wedding’s story through a linked sequence of candid photographs. The most crucial aspect of wedding photography, regardless of style, is to get all of the crucial photos. Weddings are unique, just the way each couple wants them to be. This is something that documentary photography embraces. Couples love this kind of wedding photography as it seems so natural and realistic with no prepared shots.

3.     Traditional Wedding Photography:

Wedding photography in the traditional sense is generally highly formal, and nothing is left to chance in these wedding photography techniques; the images are clean, beautiful, and well-planned. Wedding photographers tend to take command, organize the subjects and location, and offer specific directions. It is the most popular and old way of taking wedding pictures. Before the digital age, when both photographers and newlywed couples ceased caring about the expense of film, traditional wedding photography or classic photography was the best possible option. Traditional wedding photography focuses on staged images of the couple and the wedding party as a whole. It requires a lot of guidance from the photographer and time from the wedding party.

4.     Fine Art Wedding Photography:

Soft focus, pastel color palettes, and great use of light distinguish fine art photography from other techniques. Fine art wedding photography conveys a concept or feeling from the photographer’s thoughts. In general, the goal of fine art photography isn’t so much to chronicle what the photographer sees. The photographer seeks to entice the audience to look at the shot and deduce deeper meaning from it. They do it by paying attention to details, composition, and connections to other images, among other things. The photographs show a love that has stood the test of time. Each frame is meticulously planned and prepared to provide dazzling, dream-like pictures.


Wedding photography has gone through various phases throughout the years, with particular editing methods becoming fashionable for a brief time and then fading away. All the ways mentioned above of wedding photography can be considered evergreen. You can choose any one of these explained ways of photography or search for some other styles, also for Sioux City Weddings.

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