What a magician does at a wedding event?

An illusionist, Stage or close-up magician provides live entertainment at birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. Inspiring people with illusions and magic tricks is a tough job as you have to read the minds of people and deal with them as they want.

Magicians perform different kinds of magical tricks and items for private events. To make your wedding day impressive and unforgettable, hiring a wedding magician is the most effective way to provide quality entertainment to your guests. Magicians offer following types of popular magic and illusions:

·        Stage show magic:

It is a proper magic show that is designed to be performed on a stage. Mostly this kind of show is arranged for big weddings with a large audience. Magicians use glamorous assistants, broad production elements, music, stage lights, and a wide array of products.

Hiring a magician for a stage show magic for a wedding is an expensive task that consumes a tremendous amount of wedding budget.

·        Comedy + Magic:

This is a kind of performance in which magic meets with stand-up comedy. These magicians are very popular for wedding events to make people amaze with their magic tricks with lots of giggles and deep laughter’s. Wedding event is the time where it is essential to have laughs, smiles, and the expressions of being amazed, entertained, and relax during wedding photography. A magician plus comedian does this so perfectly with their unique style.

·        Close-up magic:

A close interaction between audience and magician where the magician shows their tricks among the audience instead of on Stage is called close-up magic. These mixes and mingle entertainment is a perfect way to break the ice among the guests and to keep the celebration vibes too high.

The magician also performs the magic tricks for the guests seated at their tables as part of a sit-down meal.

·        Sleight-of-hand magic:

This kind of magic is similar to close-up magic in which magician performs magical tricks without any unique props such as hat, rings, or table. Magicians use a few everyday use objects to show their tricks. These objects include coins, cards, necklaces etc.

·        Mind-reading:

Mind-readers are not actually the magicians, but they are called psychological entertainers. They appear to be able to read the minds of their audience, and they also predict the outcomes of random events. These are people who use auto-suggestions or psychological techniques as their skills to anticipate and mind-read.

·        Micro-magic:

This is also known as micro-illusion, and it is ultimately called close-up magic. In this magical technique, tricks are literally performed in the palm of the hand.

Magical Katrina:

Suppose you are planning your wedding event and need a magician to entertain your guests with outstanding close-up magic. In that case, Magical Katrina is the one who can spice up your wedding event with her talent and magical skills. Katrina knows the art of breaking the ice among the audience, keeping everyone engaged, and attentive with her unique magic tricks and stand-up comedy skills.

She loves to work in mix and mingle style and have a command to perform close-up magic with a touch of stand-up comedy.

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